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Pigmentation is the coloration or darkening of a part of the skin. The skin contains a specific type of cells called melanocytes that produces a pigment called melanin.

Depending upon the level of pigment produced, the skin undergoes pigmentation. If the skin produces excess pigment, it gets darker it’s called hyperpigmentation. It can be caused due to sun exposure, hormones, skin injuries or inflammation etc. 

Dark spots or age spots or hyperpigmentation, is common skin problem that grows as age process which doesn’t cause any health problems. But may impact on one’s self esteem and quality of life.

At Derma Care Skin and Hair Clinic, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad., our team dermatologists can help you to get out of Pigmentation problem and get back to - No dark spots skin.

With advanced treatment procedures our skin care Doctors uses various methods like Chemical Peels, Laser Toning, Med facials appropriately to treat your pigmentation.

The pigmentation specialists at Derma Care Skin and Hair Clinic will examine your skin type, pigmentation type, dark patches, and customizes relevant treatment to remove your dark spots.

To get rid of dark spots or other types of hyperpigmentation, please book your appointment by phone or online today.

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